3 Tips to Enhance Your Interview Performance

Securing a job has never been an easy task. Especially nowadays with the fierce corporate competition, securing the right job is even much more complicated. You don’t only need to possess the best qualities but should also be able to present yourself as a strong personality and should excel at people skills. Facing seasoned interviewers and answering their difficult questions is something that can make one jumpy. Here are a few tips to tame the interview process and win the trust and confidence of the interviewers:

Choose the right time to meet, if possible

Many candidates fail to secure the job that they deserve just because the interviewer was not in the “best mood” or had other, more important things on mind. You dont need to be a clairvoyant to know the best time to meet an interviewer, it is not necessarily an issue that can only be answered by a “crystal-ball person” (for want of a proper term):

With a little bit of thinking one can understand that beginning of the week or ending of the week cannot be a great day to go for an interview. The Monday keeps everyone too busy to offer you generous time or attention while the Friday is the day when the staff is almost in a weekend mood. Hence any day between Tuesday and Thursday is the ideal day to appear for an interview.

Meeting the interviewer when she/he has just come in to wokr or minutes before she/he is leaving, is not the right time if you are serious about getting the job. Likewise, you should avoid lunchtime. Going for an interview towards the latter half of the day after lunch can win you the required attention. By this time the interviewers are almost through with their critical tasks and are in a comparatively relaxed mood.

However, the above cannot be taken as gospel. You might appear after the lunch, but the interviewer’s stomach may be upset that can affect the mood (and no, it’s not a joke!) or she/he might have messed up any important task.

Time of interview is something a candidate cannot decide, but there are things you could to make most of the interview opportunity, read on to find out how to crack the interview with ease!

Engage the interviewer

  • There was a time when the big multinationals and even small enterprises kept silence on what was going inside their offices. Sharing facts, figures, work culture or other similar details was simply sacrosanct. Doing so could show you the way to the exit door. However, the things have changed now. The first thing that any ideal interviewer would like to know is how much do you know about their business. And this “How much” goes much beyond knowing that Google is an internet company or Versace is a luxury brand aimed at high-end lifestyle. You should be aware of the vital details of the business that can directly affect its brand, revenue, structure, work culture, and future.
  • Support your answers with facts and figures appropriately but don’t be weirdly specific like mentioning the very last number of a sum that runs in millions or backing each event with the year, month and date. Ensure to thoroughly check company’s social media profile, blogs, and general news to widen your knowledge about the enterprise.

For very obvious reasons, the information provided on company’s website, blogs, and social handles may be biased. For example, if a company is lagging behind its closest competitors for last few years, it is not news you would expect to find on Company’s blogs or social media updates. So, you should better check the unbiased industry news to know where the company stands as compare to its competitors and what are the challenges it is facing.

  • Though the news travels at light’s speed in today’s connected world, you need to search for the latest updates. Google Alerts can be of vital importance here. It allows you to get the automatic updates on any terms that you mention. For instance, if you want to be updated with the latest news of XYZ automobile industry, all you have to do is type a keyword for the company, its industry in Google alerts and all the news updates will be instantly delivered to you by Google.