5 Tips to Tame the Telephone Interview

The advanced technology has changed the way the corporate world works. One such major change that has seen a sharp rise recently is telephonic interviews. Telephones were there when we didn’t know what an internet was!  However, the employers preferred the candidates to come to their premises before they can be considered for a job. But nowadays, most companies heavily rely on telephonic interviews to hire the candidates. A telephonic interview requires certain skills to excel. Here are a few tips to ensure that you should meet the success during your telephonic interview:

Schedule your calls carefully

Most of the times, the interviewers do allow you to schedule the telephonic call as per your convenience because they want to ensure that during the interview you should be able to offer your best performance. Choose a time when you are completely free and have more than sufficient time at your disposal. Take a margin of at least 15 minutes as there may be some technical issues or some important tasks may interrupt the interview.

Have your resume in front of you

While you would not need to memorize your own resume (even if it is prepared honestly J), there are a few things that you may miss due to interview stress. Figures and years are two elements that can easily skip from the mind while giving the interview. Hence, it is a good practice to have your resume copy in your hand during the telephonic interview.

Have an easy access to the net

One benefit that a telephonic interview offers a candidate is the ability to find the answers to unexpected questions promptly. So make sure you are connected to the internet on your laptop/desktop, and it is good to keep a few relevant sites like the company’s homepage, financial statement, blogs and the job profile opened in front of you.

Add character to your answers

The telephonic interviews, due to their very nature, are meant to be brief. Hence, weigh your words before speaking. The quality rather than quantity is important here. Too descriptive answers can delay the interview while one word answers may impede the conversation cycle. So, it is a good practice to rehearse the interview reasonably. Try to make your answers vivid, interesting and engaging. Learn the art of story-telling. Give a fine character to your answers by incorporating elements like persons, places, year, comparison and your own perspective. It will not only offer a matured format to your answers but will also highlight your experience and observing skills.

Avoid being too curious

While we don’t know about what happened with the proverbial cat, the curiosity may cost you a dream job. While you engage in a telephonic interview, it is but obvious to think about the physical attributes of the interviewer. A robust voice suggests tall, stout personality, a sweet feminine voice may indicate a young lady while a masculine seasoned voice suggests an aged person with fine share of gray hair. You see, how we diverted from the main theme of this article? In the same way, this curiosity may divert you from concentrating on your interview. Hence you can have a mirror in front of you that will at least keep your eyes engaged and thus prevents your brain from feeling absence of visual input that ignites curiosity. Besides, some studies also suggest that speaking in front of the mirror also boosts confidence of the person.[/restrict]