The 8 Most Important Online Metrics In Your Business

The 8 Most Important Online Metrics In Your Business

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They say ‘that which is measured, grows’. Meaning measuring something helps It improve and grow. For example, to accomplish the goal of weight loss, regularly weighing yourself can help keep you on track for the weight loss program which will lead to the pounds falling off. This is also true of digital marketing. Regardless of how you use the Internet – as an Internet marketer, a business with a website, promoting your book, an on line instructor, or whatever you do, if you don’t measure your Website performance there is no way for you to ensure the performance is sustainable and growing. In other words, without measuring, you have no way of knowing what’s working and what’s not. You are essentially flying blind!

Measuring website performance is not complicated, but it does take a little know how. What precisely should you be measuring? What are the most important metrics? And how do these numbers work together to provide a detailed picture of your traffic and your success? In our latest book, “Internet Marketing Metrix”, we answer all these questions and more.

Download our book and we will …

  • show you how to capture more leads and sales and give you the confidence that your products and services are in demand by the people you serve…
  • help you outsmart your competition with simple, easy to use systems that catch and hold the attention of the Search Engines…
  • teach you the 8 most important metrics you need to be tracking…!

Here’s an except from Chapter 7 …

“Do you know your Customer Lifetime Value?”

If not shame on you – you should! Because Customer lifetime value (CLTV) is one of the most important planning metrics in your toolkit.

Use it to tell you how much revenue you can expect from a customer over the course of the business relationship.

Simply put, CLTV is the value of a customer to your business over a period time. For example, if your service is subscription based at $1,000 monthly for 36 months, then the CLTV is $36,000.

If your customer is repeatedly buying your product, then the CLTV could be the average monthly purchase x the number of months you expect to keep the customer.

These customers have already bought from you, they know you, they like you, they trust you, and they will likely continue to buy from you.

Use this information to tailor your marketing programs to these specific segments.

The Take Away

Click here to get your FREE copy of my incredible guide “THE 8 MOST IMPORTANT METRICS TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS BY”.