Aradhna Sharma

Marketing Specialist

Aradhna has 15 years of experience of working as marketing communications professional. In past she has managed and delivered marketing projects while working with creative, sales and IT teams across multiple operating locations.

Aradhna has been responsible for ensuring brand communication and brand positioning is consistent in all her past employments. She has closely worked with Sales teams to build collateral that help them is sales. She has led graphic production teams to produce marketing materials that are consistent with brand guidelines.

“I am a storyteller. After 15 years in different roles in marketing, I can say I am a resourceful marketing professional who can successfully execute strategic marketing and communication initiatives.”  -Aradhna

Bob Milliken

Marketing Specialist

Bob is a seasoned IT professional with 20 years experience in the trenches as an IT service group owner/operator. Along the way Bob discovered that many business owners were taking a back seat to their competitors who out marketed them.

Bob left the IT world to establish an online digital marketing agency with a purpose to help those businesses failing in their marketing. And couldn’t be happier making the switch.

Bob is also a published author, a toastmaster, a public speaker, a sailor, a grandfather (7) and a strong advocate for clean oceans.